How To Find A Good Urdu Translator

How To Find A Good Urdu Translator - Urdu Business Services

How To Find A Good Urdu Translator

Urdu, the national language of Pakistan, has over 300 million native speakers in the world, and according to Ethnologue’s 2017 estimate, it is the 3rd most spoken language worldwide. If you’re a business looking to get started in Pakistan or in certain places in India, an experienced and expert Urdu translator is absolutely critical for your business or brand. However, finding a good Urdu translator has its own challenges.

Good translators not only need to know the language, but they have to know the intricacies of the language. Subtle things such as tone of voice, word usage, working knowledge of certain figures of speech are all factors that you have to consider when choosing a good Urdu translator. Run of the mill translators work much like Google Translate, translating things literally and losing the essence of your message. Other subpar translators use words that distort the tone of voice that you want to convey, which often results in miscommunication. Language is an art, and it takes a real expert to take that art and bring it a level that helps you with your objective. Whether it’s reaching out to a new Pakistani market, or making them understand precisely how you business works and how it can help them. So how do you find them?

Good translators must have any or all of the following things, it’s important that they do because the future of your business lies in their communication skills.

  1. Native level accuracy – good translators go beyond just knowing the language. All the nuances of the language from what words certain people use, to what figures of speech are appropriate to convey your message. Accuracy is critical, you don’t want things to get lost along the way and completely sabotage your message.
  2. Working knowledge or background about your industry – certain industries or markets have their own jargon, and it is important that the translator knows this as the people you want to communicate with, understand better when their own jargon is used. Some areas or industries where jargon is absolutely important would include, legal, and IT or software.
  3. Efficiency – freelance translators can only handle so much, if you have multiple documents that need to be translated to meet a certain deadline, you’re better off with a professional translation agency. The work is quality controlled and you get your money’s worth versus hiring a freelancer who may or may not work at the level you require.
  4. Professional – You put a lot of work and investing a lot to penetrate a market of Urdu speakers and you only demand the best to ensure the safety of your investment, so it’s best to work with a team of professionals, that will care for your brand and the message that you want to say.

Looking for a highly experienced and expert translator is not easy. It’s often a long journey of trial and error of finding the right one to do your translation for you. We can recommend Urdu Business Services, an experienced Urdu translation agency that has almost everything you need if you’re thinking of communicating to the Urdu speakers market. Don’t take chances with your brand, trust only in expert professionals, because your brand and your business matters.

Urdu Business Services

Urdu Business Services

Urdu Business Services is the first ever specialized Urdu Language Service Provider (LSP) in the world. We are a group of native Urdu professionals, linguists and artists with a matchless talent for communication and culture.

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Looking for a highly experienced and expert translator is not easy. It’s often a long journey of trial and error of finding the right one to do your translation for you.