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Who We Are

Urdu Business Services is the first ever specialized Urdu Language Service Provider (LSP) in the world. We are a professional services establishment with a matchless talent for Urdu language, communication and culture.

What We Do

We help businesses and individuals meet their Urdu language needs. We provide professional Urdu language services including, but not limited to, translation to and from other languages, narration, voice over, copywriting and content writing.

Why Choose Us

We specialize in providing services related to Urdu language, literature and culture. We are native and have years of experience in serving Urdu-related needs of our valued customers. And to crown the whole, we are love what we do.

Professional Urdu Language Services

Looking for help with Urdu translation, voice over, transcreation, writing, etc?
Needless to say that you’re in the right place. Just head over to our specialized Urdu language and localization services of your choice and get the ball rolling.

Urdu Voice Over

We boast of being the most experienced and cherished Urdu voice over service provider online. With crisp and clear audios, standard accent and a magic voice, we are ready to get your message heard!

Urdu Translation

Get any text translated to and from Urdu language. We are committed to not just translating your text but also reviewing it thoroughly before delivery to ensure highest quality and precision.

Urdu Copywriting

Whether it is transcreation, textbook writing, speech & essay writing, social media & website content writing or commercial copywriting, we are here to help you excel your competitors.

Service Standards

Quality Assurance

All projects at Urdu Business Services, whether they be Urdu translations, voice overs, writing or anything else, are thoroughly reviewed and revised for quality and precision internally before being delivered to you.

Context Awareness

Our exposure to both local and international milieus guides us in understanding your Urdu needs. We manage to know more about your project than you tell us and, hence, excel your expectations more than often.

Time Management

We are marked by a professional orientation that respects time more than money. Our strong internal coordination system enables us to ensure and monitor progress every single moment. Your deadlines are our deadlines.

Ethical Standards

Urdu Business Services respects you and your data. From customer service and support to privacy and security, we have strong procedures in place to ensure that your experience with us is both flawless and matchless.


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